Friday, February 17, 2012

Muslim Food Guangzhou :..: Shanyang Tang

Easy to find muslim/halal food at Guangzhou. 1st local muslim food there once we getting there was Shanyang Tang or Mutton/lamb Soup. Awesome... The taste was so nice & different that we cant have in our local chinese food here. We decide to ate mutton/lamb for our meal because to heat our body in winter there. Futhermore, this is a good chance for us to ate more mutton/lamb because cheap prices & less fishy odor. Just love the taste of. Add some chilies flakes and enjoy it. LOVE

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Shanyang Tang or Mutton Soup at Guangzhou, China

Just in LOVE

Ate with chillies flakes toasted


  1. amboi liaa..akak tgk ciliflakes tu pun dh terliur kan pulak lamb soup tuh..perghh!

  2. kak ina... sedap tau... x tau mana nak cari resipi ni. Makan panas2, x terasa pun masa tgh sejuk tu. hehehe


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