Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creepe Mille at Nadeje Melaka

Hokayyyyy... Wlpun birtday dah seminggu yg lepas. Tp masih terima hadia. Thanks to my collegue yg bg kek ni. Yummy... Its creepe mille (blueberry cheese) from Nadeje... Wohhoooo... Sgt bestttt... Kite mkn share2 dgn kwn2. On diet kannnnn. So amek 2 suap je. Yg lain kwn2 abeskan. The best creepe mille in da town. Just visit them at Jaya building or Dataran Pahlawan. Just choose... So many flavour there. Thanks Su & Siti... Also thanks to Nadeje :)

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