Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pesona Cheese Cake

I'm trying a new recipe from bloggers outside there. Such as a very popular simple cheese cake recipe nowadays which is Pesona Cheese Cake. To the owner recipe Ryo (a popular Deejay from Sarawak), I'm so sorry because do a little bit changer from yours. Just having double stuff Oreo biscuits instead of Mery biscuits in my stock, so the results is.... WALAWEHHH!!!

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  1. sungguh ku terpesona....kt dlm tu berlapis2 la ye? mesti sedap ni.lemak2 manis.

  2. Best2... Lgpun sng nk buat. Cuma nk kena tgu smp 6 jam dlm peti ais tu yg wat x sbr. Hehe... Pagi2 ni bfast dgn cheese cake. Yummy :)


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