Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm talk less about my career and profession in my blog since early till then. Its because I choose to make my career with wonderful feels. Don't want to mixed it into. I'm cannot stand anymore faces problems with my colleagues. Arrgghhh!!! They gave me various feelings inside which sometime feel they extremely give a difficult problem to me... the other half choose to be themselves rather than discuss with me 1st and after that make a big problem. Some the other half else is an unpredictable person which always make me badly difficult with their annoying. behavior. There also have a selfish person here. They made me thought about "CUBA LAH LAIN KALI HIDUP TU JANGAN MENYUSAHKAN ORANG LAIN??? HIDUP SENYAP2... JANGAN KACAU KEAMANAN HIDUP ORANG... Haiiissyhhh!!!"


  1. kadang2 sebahagian dari hidup kita ni perlu di privasikan kan?..:)

  2. huhuhu... kalau boleh jarang nak cite & nak share hal2 keje ni. cukup le jam 7.30am-6pm dok ngadap keje kan. bukan x hepi keje tp x mo campo, nanti sy sndr yg bosan nak baca. hehehehehe...


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