Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinner at Sushi King & neW FriENds

Dinner already? Tonite my tummy was very full with foods served at Sushi King. Menu of the day are Sakana Black Pepper set + Chuka Likado + and Green Tea Ice Cream. Gave 3 1/2 star over 5 because the chuka likado are in M size (besaqqq one... Not too baby octopus) and the sakana fillet (dory fish) was thick (I'm prefer a just nice slices fillet). Overall, I managed to have a dinner without vegetables inside my menu without prejudices. I love misoshiru (dunno what soup) & ryokucya ice cream here.

Notes:- I'm alone while having dinner here, suddenly 5 Germany joined and sat in left & right beside me as a new friends. Alhamdulillah... They're so friendly.

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  1. lepas ni E-na pun klu rindu sushi jepun kena terjah sushi king laaa..:))

  2. hihihi... kalau kat KL & Selangor ade byk lagi pilihan kedai sushi. Kat Melaka ni, kami makan sushi king je...
    dah nak balik sini ye :)


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